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Areas of Practice

Homeowners Association

Many legal issues surround common ownership and governance by Community or Homeowners Associations (HOAs). Our HOA legal team has the comprehensive understanding necessary to interpret California’s extensive laws governing HOAs. Whether representing associations, owners, developers, buyers or sellers, we have the experience to analyze and create successful resolutions related to:

  • CC&Rs
  • Articles, bylaws, rules and regulations
  • Davis Stirling
  • Assessments
  • Management of HOA Dues
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Collective Disputes
  • Unfair Actions
  • Enforcement Objections

Homeowners Association Attorneys

Martin L. Hirsch Photo

Martin L. Hirsch


Mr. Hirsch practices in the areas of business transactions, real estate transactions, HOA and public agency governance, landlord-tenant disputes, business entity formation and governance, purchase and sale of businesses, construction transactions, and land use law.
Scott A. Lewis Photo

Scott A. Lewis


Mr. Lewis’ main area of practice is civil litigation. He has litigated in diverse subject areas such as First Amendment Rights, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Employment and Housing Act, wage laws, trade secrets, contracts, securities laws and real property laws, as well as many others. Mr. Lewis’ central area of practice involves business and employment related issues and real estate matters. Mr. Lewis also represents clients regarding homeowner's association disputes.
Michael G. Miller Photo

Michael G. Miller


Mr. Miller is first and foremost a civil trial attorney, having tried over 60 cases to a jury verdict in a host of subjects ranging from real estate, business, dental malpractice, attorney malpractice, civil rights/excessive force and personal injury. Mr. Miller also represents clients regarding employment/labor matters, Long Term Care & Health Care Litigation and homeowner's association disputes.