Like everyone, we here at PJAMM have been terribly affected by the fire. We have been helping and supporting each other and the community. Several of our team lost their homes and many were in harm's way.

While we were initially closed, we are now open and assisting our valued clients. It is painfully clear that so many of our friends and neighbors will be facing very difficult and stressful challenges as we try to rebuild our lives and our community. Like so many others, we have struggled to identify ways that we can be a productive part of the effort.

What makes sense to us is to offer what we know best, legal guidance and assistance. So, for anyone who has lost their home, it would be our honor to provide free guidance and advice relating to issues arising from their insurance claims or with the rebuilding process. We know from just everyday life that both these areas can be difficult to navigate in the best of times and now only more so with all the other stresses. If you or anyone you know would like guidance in any of the following areas, we are ready to assist:

  • Insurance claims
  • Debris removal contracts including reviewing government forms.
  • Land use and Permitting
  • Home reconstruction contracts

Please let us know if we can help and pass the word along to those in need.

Links of Interest and Assistance:

  1. Fire Recovery Guide - Provided by Congressman Mike Thompson's office
    1. Fire Recovery Guide PDF: Includes explanation, rights, availability, etc. regarding:
      1. FEMA;
      2. Sonoma County Assistance Centers;
      3. Disaster Relief Loans; and
      4. Tax Relief and IRS assistance;
  2. Sonoma County Local Assistance Center
    1. The LAC is a one-stop shop with critical services for residents who have been impacted by the fires.
  3. North Bay Fires - Insurance Claim Help (United Policyholders)
    1. Voluntary Claims Handling Reforms For Recent Wildfires PDF
  4. Buy or Rebuild? (United Policyholders)
    1. Great article providing guidance on deciding whether to buy another home or rebuild the one you lost in the fire.
  5. Getting your mortgage company to release insurance proceeds
    1. Some insurance payments are made jointly to you and your lender - this article provides guidance on how to gain control of funds released to both you and your lender.
  6. CA Contractor State License Board Department of Consumer Affairs Post Disaster and Construction Guides
    CA Contractor State License Board Department of Consumer Affairs Después del Desastre y Guías de Construcción
    1. After A Disaster Guide (English / Español)
    2. Rebuilding after a Natural Disaster (English)
    3. Debris Removal and Construction Scams Facts (English)
    4. Checklist For Prescreening Contractors (English)
    5. Ten Tips to Make Sure Your Contractor Measures Up (English / Español)
    6. What Seniors Should Know Before Hiring A Contractor (English / Español)
    7. What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor
    8. Owner Builders Pamphlet
    9. Homeowners Guide To Preventing Mechanics Liens (English / Español)
      1. Conditional Waiver and Release On Progress Payment
      2. Unconditional Waiver and Release On Progress Payment
      3. Conditional Waiver and Release On Final Payment
      4. Unconditional Waiver and Release On Final Payment
  7. Property Taxes
    1. Application for Reassessment of Property Damaged by Misfortune or Calamity
  8. State Bar of California Legal Help After The California Fires